49,00 kr.

Ærø Organic Dark Ale is a delight for the eye and palate. The deep mahogany red color has emerged on the basis of the good composition of the malt. It is brewed on water, Pale Ale barley malt, caramel barley malt, toasted barley malt, yeast, sugar and seasoned with tradition and emerald hops. The taste is very full and complex: first malty with a touch of licorice, followed by an aromatic fruity, bitter aftertaste.

Ærø Organic Dark Ale should be enjoyed cellar cold and preferably as a sunset drink, so you can experience the color play in the beer as you hold the glass up to the light. If you are bitten by a crazy home baker, we highly recommend that you add a solid splash of Ærø Organic Dark Ale to your bread dough. It produces a deep, malted juiciness which is quite unique.

Type: Dark ale

Alcoholic strength: 5.0% vol

Sales packaging: 50 cl

Energy: 207 kJ / 49 kcal

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