49,00 kr.

With Ærø Organic Golden, Rise Brewery presents a light and delightfully mild beer in its organic range. The brew makes itself excellent both as a simple thirst quencher and as a sublime complement to the cold table. Ere Island Organic Golden is gently filtered, pasteurized and brewed on water, pale ale barley malt, caramel barley malt and wheat malt. The beer is stylishly completed with hops (emerald) and a light, yet characteristic imprint of the English yeast.

Aero Organic Golden with its finely tuned and subdued flavor palette and its relatively low alcohol content of 3.9%, has a naturally accommodating character that makes it particularly suitable when desired to serve a beer of appeal anytime to anyone. preferably from the country's numerous current and emerging beers. A good bite of the pancake dough does absolutely no harm with this light organic Golden.

Type: Light ale

Alcoholic strength: 3.9% vol

Sales packaging: 50 cl

Energy: 175 kJ / 42 kcal

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