49,00 kr.

Organic Walnut has a lovely aromatic walnut scent and a balanced aftertaste. It is brewed with water, pilsner barley malt, caramel barley malt, toasted barley malt, wheat malt, sugar, yeast, hops (emerald) and natural walnut flavor.

It's a harmonious, reddish brown and heavily fermented "Bock" beer that delivers a delicate sweetness and roundness. Therefore, this beer is many people's favorite beer.

The brew is just as good for the cheese table as for a welcome drink and for many, the good, almost creamy walnut flavor stands out especially well on its own. It is therefore also nice to stick in the basket instead of a bottle of wine if you are going to enjoy the pleasures of summer evening with someone you love very much.

Type: Light ale

Alcoholic strength: 6.0% vol

Sales packaging: 50 cl

Energy: 243 kJ / 58 kcal

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