About us

Little Local is a New Zealand inspired cafe and deli. A warm, friendly place that is always here for you. Familiar and welcoming. A relaxed and informal community hub where everyone is welcome and treated the same. 

We are organic (øko) and local. We serve good coffee and good homemade food that appears promptly on the table. Our service is friendly and no fuss, a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, comfortable and cozy seating, plants, and some decent reading material :). It’s like our cozy living room, hygge.

At Little Local, we hope to provide a little ‘slow down time’ when you step inside. That feeling you get when you are on a holiday far away. A little break. To be with yourself or with others.

The menu exists of all organic and locally sourced food that sparks curiosity. Colorful and playful with a daily mix of pies, salads, sandwiches, sweets, fresh baked bread from Brødkompagniet.

Everything items are vegetarian or vegan.

In our deli/butik both at the café as here online, we offer our take-away food options, fresh bakery bread, organic vegan wines, beers, chocolate, oils, flours etc. For delivery or take-away.

The background story 

Until June 2018, we live in Amsterdam. Tirza is Dutch, Nicki was born in Germany but lived in New Zealand for most of her life. After working together in Amsterdam, it was New Zealand where we fell in love and made big plans! We travelled around together in an old campervan, looking for that place to slow down and realise some of our dreams. We landed on Langeland and started our small eco camp called Tiki Camp.

One of the reasons we fell in love with the Island, is that it reminds us a little bit of the New Zealand countryside. Another reason was Svendborg. Popular among hippies in the 70’s, Svendborg still has the lively creative edge to it that we loved right away. Svendborg is part of the ‘Citta Slow’ movement, promoting a healthy work-life balance and consuming local to support small businesses. This was one of the reasons why we felt confident to move away from Amsterdam and live on one of the islands close to Svendborg. 

On one of our first visits to Svendborg, we ended up in a small cafe/shop called øland (meaning ‘Island’ in Danish), we loved the laid back and cozy style and all organic and local approach. We felt with a place like this, we will probably survive outside of our city Amsterdam. When it came up for sale, we didn't have to think twice and took it over.

On January 11 '20, our little local cafe and deli opened its doors.